SC/ST  Cell has been created in the college to see to all the affairs and resolve the problems related to the SC/ST  Students of the college.

Objectives of the cell:

·         To ensure there is no caste based discrimination in our college.

·         To redress the grievances of SC/ST students.

·         To enhance the employability of SC/ST students.

·         To ensure equal opportunity in all spheres.

Following are the important work under SC/ST  Cell:

·         All affairs related to SC/ST  students.

·         To inform the SC/ST  students regarding various scholarships program of State Government and UGC in order to motivate them for better future planning.

·         To take such follow up measures for achieving the objectives and targets laid down for the purpose by the Government of India and the UGC.


                  Convener:    Dr. RAGINI EV

         Teaching Staff:     Dr. GIREESH BABU M

                                        Dr. MUSTHAFA PM

                                        Ms. ROSHI K.DAS

Non – Teaching Staff:   BEENA ROY


Students Representatives      

All the class teachers

Activities:  2018-19

·         The students are motivated to join WWS programe  

·         SSP provides academic and motivational support

·         Remedial coaching provided by departments in addition to personal counseling

·         Advanced learners help the weak students through Each one teach one programme

·         Bridge course is provided  to the freshers

·         One of the healthy practices of the college is faculty @students home which provides greater bonding between faculty, students and parents

·         Special coaching class for compt.exams are provided through ssp programme