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Program Overview

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English is a 3- year under graduation program (UG) in English with orientations on practical communication skills, media studies/journalism, ELT, Business English, English literature and content writing. It is divided in to six semesters. In each semester students have to learn 5 courses along with a dissertation in the sixth semester. The program consists of core, complementary, elective and common courses which are designed to meet specific learning objectives/outcomes. In the end of each Semester, University conducts the end Semester Examinations and the results are published in due time.

Though a major share of the courses taught is somewhat related to English literature, the program’s orientations include practical communication skills, media studies/journalism, ELT, Business English and content writing.

Total Number of Intake per year: 31

Program Objective

The programme is designed to equip the learners with outstanding practical skills in the spoken and written aspects of English and to prepare them to meet the existing and emerging needs of the corporate world. In addition, there are many courses in literature which aims at giving ample exposure and in-depth familiarity with diverse aspects of literature written across the world in different genres. The practice oriented courses like business English, creative writing and translation aim giving the students ample exposure to and down-to-earth experiences in the use of English in different professional domains.

Program Outcome

By successfully completing the program, learners are expected to develop:

  • Excellent communication skills in English.
  • A taste in English language and Literature.
  • The innate creative and critical faculties in them and to nourish them properly.
  • Skills to use English language for their own personal and professional needs and success.
  • Life skills, perceptions values and critical thinking abilities to meet varied challenges in life.

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