BSc Statistics


Program Overview

BSc in Statistics is a three-year undergraduate degree program that focuses on the study of statistical methods, data analysis, and mathematical techniques. Students learn to collect, analyze, and interpret data, making it a foundational qualification for careers in data science, research, finance, and various other fields.

The Course is offered by Post Graduate Department of Statistics

Total Number of Intake per year: 31

Program Objective

The primary objectives of a BSc in Statistics degree program are to provide students with a strong foundation in statistical theory and practice, develop their analytical and problem-solving skills, and prepare them for careers in data analysis, research, and decision-making in various industries and fields such as finance, healthcare, and social sciences.

Program Outcome

Program Outcomes for a BSc in Statistics degree program include:

  1. Statistical Proficiency: Graduates will demonstrate a deep understanding of statistical concepts, techniques, and methodologies for data analysis.
  2. Data Interpretation: Graduates will be proficient in collecting, interpreting, and presenting data effectively, aiding informed decision-making.
  3. Problem Solving: Graduates will apply statistical methods to solve real-world problems in diverse fields such as business, science, and social research.
  4. Research Skills: Graduates will be equipped with the skills needed to conduct independent research projects, including data collection, analysis, and reporting.


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