The Scholar Support Programme (SSP) is part of the ‘New Initiatives in Higher Education’ of the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Kerala. This programme aims to overcome the academic weakness of students who belong to the bottom of the merit hierarchy at the time of admissions. This compensatory programme aims at imparting additional support to students in curricular areas of weakness.

Coordinator: Dr. RAGINI EV.Asst. Professor, Dept.of Malayalam

Scholar Support Programme  Report 2019-20

As per the result analysis published by the Department of Collegiate Education and discussion there on in the College Council, the college selected the following courses for the Programme during the academic year.

1and II Semester

1.            English Coaching

2.            Subject Coaching

3.            Learning Skills

4.            Personal Growth

5.            Individual  Support

IIIand IV Semester

6.            English Coaching

7.            Subject Coaching

8.            Learning Skills

9.            Personal Growth

10.          Individual  Support

V and VI Semester

1.            Subject Coaching

2.            Competative Exams TraIning

3.            Individual Support

Scholars for the 3rd and 5th semester classes were selected by giving preference to those who are already there in the programme and intent to continue. New students were allowed to enroll instead of those who are not ready to be regular in the class. New students for 1st semester were selected on the basis of the requirements of the students for additional classes. Readiness of the students to attend class was given preference besides backwardness in studies while selecting students for SSP.

                   All the sessions of 5th semester classes were completed by the Last week of November 2018 All  sessions each of third and First semester classes were completed by the second week of December 2018. Study materials were distributed for the course according to the availability and requirements. Completion of sessions evaluated in the monitoring committee meeting. All  sessions of 6th semester,  sessions of 4th semester and sessions of 2nd semester classes are completed on 15th March, 2019.

Distribution of Study Materials (stationary items)

Stationary items were distributed  in first year second year and third year scholars in terms of Two note books and file,pen ,pencil ,scale ,erraiser. An amount of Rs. 19500/- (Rupees ninteen thousand five hundred  only) was spent for the distribution of study materials to the scholars during this academic year.. It was very helpful to them

Fund Utilisation

Total allotment for the programme for this year is Rs. 189500/-. Total expenditure for the programme is also Rs. 189500/-. Out of this, Rs. 145000/- spent for remuneration to the members of faculty. Rs. 19500/- for  stationery kit for students , Rs 5000/-for providing light refreshment to students present, and  Rs. 20000/- to the coordinator as remuneration.. The rate of fund utilization is 100%. The detailed statement of fund utilization is attached separately.

SSP Monitoring Committee

A monitoring committee was constituted by the college council to monitor and evaluate the progress of the programme and timely solving of the problem if any. Dr.Sajithha Kizhinippurath(Principal incharge)., Dr. Musthafa PM, Asst. Professor of Arabic, Mr.Mujeeb Rahman  Assistant Professor of Commerce, Mr.Ikbal KK. Assistant Professor of English and     Dr.Gireesh Babu M Assistant Professor of Statistics and Coordinator of SSP are the members. The committee held three meeting during this academic year . The committee evaluated the progress and completion of the programme in the college.

Attendance of Students

Attendance of the students in the programme is better. There is 97% attendance in total.

Achievements of the Programme

The programme gave opportunity to the weaker students to improve their study. High percent of attendance in classes indicates the need of students for remedial classes. The study materials, and stationary items distributed to the students were very helpful to improve their study. Timely allotment of fund helped for the early starting of the classes. There were full hearted co-operation from the faculty members as well as students for the timely completion of the programme.

Limitations of the Programme

During the busy schedule of the CCSS, it was very difficult to conduct the courses on the basis of predetermined schedule. It compelled to reschedule the classes on the basis of the convenience of the students and teachers. Uniform time schedule was not possible because of the difficulty of the students to attend the programme. Many students suggested conducting the classes during 3.30-4.30 pm on working days. However, this time schedule was not appropriate to other students. Delay in university examinations especially those of first semester classes created another difficulty on the smooth conduct of the programme.. 

Suggestions to Improve the Programme

1.            Timely allotment of fund is needed. Delay in releasing fund caused for shortage of time to work efficiently during the tight semester schedules.

2.            Norms shall be relaxed to invite experts from outside the college to take classes.

3.            There shall be flexibility in the number of students and the number of courses subject to the limitation of maximum number of hours and allotment.

                                                     Co-ordinator, Scholar Support Programme 2019-20